Learn More about Exilis Tissue Tightening

The Exilis skin tightening procedure is designed to heat the fat in your body in order to tighten your skin. This type of procedure features an advanced cooling system and a monopolar radiofrequency system. It is designed to penetrate your fat cells without exposing you to the risk of burning your skin. One of the best things about the Exilis skin tightening procedure is the fact that it is safe for all skin types and it is not invasive. After you receive your Exilis skin tightening procedure it is normally a good idea for you to continue to do your daily physical activities. This can help to keep the metabolic exchange in your body high. It can also speed up the process of reducing the fat volume and skin elasticity in your body.

The Benefits of Exilis Skin Tightening

The Exilis skin tightening procedure has the ability to reduce fat volume and wrinkles. In addition, it can improve your skin. The amount of heat that comes from this type of procedure is designed to target fat cells. This causes the fat cells to break down and scatter. The machine that is used features thermal energy. This energy can boost the body’s ability to create collagen.

How the Exilis Skin Tightening Works

The machine that will be used for the procedure uses energy flow control and dermal temperature control. The dermal temperature control helps to make sure that your skin is not injured during the procedure. The energy flow control is designed to get rid of unpredictable pulses of light that might affect the procedure.

The machine is designed to pause every 30 seconds. This gives the technician to take a more accurate temperature of your skin during the procedure. This can minimize the chances of discomfort for you during the procedure. In addition, the machine features a cooling device as well. This cooling device ensures that it will be safe for you to take advantage of this procedure anywhere on your body. The Exilis skin tightening procedure can reduce excess fat and lax skin anywhere. In fact, you can even use the procedure on your face. If you’re interested in this procedure, contact Tucson med spa Specialists In Dermatology today for more information.

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