Moles are usually brown or flesh toned colored raised bumps that people can be born with or that can develop during someone’s lifetime. Although we don’t understand all the factors that can lead to mole development, moles seem to run in families and sometimes are brought on by increased sun exposure. Most moles are harmless, but Melanoma is a dangerous skin cancer that can initially look like a mole. The suspicious elements in a mole include A for asymmetry (not perfectly round or oval), B for borders (feathery or irregular), C for color (more than one color and in an unusual or unpredictable configuration), D for diameter (larger than 6mm or a pencil eraser size) and E for evolution (recently appeared or changed). If you or someone you know has a suspicious mole, it is extremely important to get to a dermatologist right away as Malignant Melanoma (the type of skin cancer that looks like a mole) can be a life threatening condition if left to develop but can be easily cured if found and treated early.

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