Rosacea is an adult-onset acne that usually occurs in light complected individuals. It is a disorder that affects the skin’s barrier function and the skin’s oil glands. There are typically variables that define each case of rosacea. Some patients have vascular rosacea – they tend to blush, flush, and can ultimately develop prominent broken blood vessels (telangiectasias). Occasionally, patients have inflammatory rosacea – red to violaceous pimples, without a head, breakout on the central facial area. Rarely, patients with rosacea will develop abnormal growth and thickening of the oil glands that can even more rarely distort the facial features (especially the nose).

Treatments for rosacea are tailored to the individual patient’s needs but typically include topical cleansers, gels or creams. Some patients may need oral medications such as antibiotics. Other treatments that have been shown to be helpful include special cosmetics, moisturizers, chemical peels, photodynamic therapy with blue light and laser treatments.

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