New Hope for Psoriasis—The Xtrac Velocity Excimer Laser

A new type psoriasis treatment is now available. The powerful excimer laser is safe and effective. After only 8-16 treatments over 1-2 months, the skin usually feels normal. Then the psoriasis generally goes into remission for months at a time.

 If you suffer from psoriasis, you know how frustrating it can be. This common, chronic skin disease has plagued humanity throughout recorded history. In ancient Egypt, people with psoriasis were often treated with cat feces or confined in leper colonies. Aside from sunlight, little progress was made in its treatment until about 100 years ago. It’s embarrassing, uncomfortable and still difficult to treat. Even today, as many of 70% of sufferers feel they are inadequately treated.

 Psoriasis can affect the joints and cause severe arthritis. When only the skin is involved, people with psoriasis still have a much higher rate of other diseases like depression, heart attacks and diabetes.

Most modern treatments are far less obnoxious than ancient remedies, but have many side effects. Some of the most effective medications are pills or injections. They work by weakening parts of the immune system. Although uncommon, bad reactions can include infection, liver or bone marrow damage and other potentially life threatening reactions. Frequent blood tests and follow up appointments are required. Unfortunately, these are the only effective treatments for arthritis caused by psoriasis. They are very effective, but expensive. When needed, they are great treatments but should be used thoughtfully and cautiously.

Topical creams, such as high potency steroids, vitamin D or tar have fewer bad side effects. They need to be applied frequently; often twice a day for several months. They often feel greasy and don’t always work well. People who have large areas of diseased skin have a hard time keeping on schedule.

The safest treatments are light based. Even pregnant women can use them safely. Natural sunlight and tanning beds sometimes help, but can lead to skin cancer. When researchers discovered the specific wavelengths of light that work best, UV-A and UV-B light therapies were developed. Before treatment, pills or creams are often used to make the treatment more effective. The process is a good alternative, but can be slow, costly and rarely causes a remission.

 Now that there is a high power laser that can rapidly treat just the affected skin, people who have failed other treatments have a new hope. If you are unsatisfied with your psoriasis treatment, please give us a call to see if our state of the art “Xtrac Velocity” brand excimer laser can give you hope too.