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SRT: Superficial Radiation Therapy

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We now offer SRT: Superficial Radiation Therapy as an alternative treatment for Skin cancer!  Please ask your Dermatology Provider to determine the best treatment option for you. Other treatment options include MOHS MICROGRAPHIC SURGERY

We Now offer SRT: Superficial Radiation Therapy Treatments!

SRT is a non-invasive form of radiation therapy that delivers a precise, calibrated low-dose of radiation to the skin and superficial tissue to treat some non-melanoma skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and various skin conditions. 100% of the dose is deposited at the surface and goes no deeper than 10mm. As a result, it does not harm surrounding or underlying healthy tissue while targeting cancer cells. It is a good alternative to surgery especially for areas on the face where surgery might leave less than desirable cosmetic outcome.

Is SRT Right for You? 

For some patients with non-melanoma skin cancers, this cutting-edge radiotherapy method offers numerous benefits compared to surgical procedures: 

  • Safe and efficient
    Minimizes post-surgical discomfort 
    Short treatment sessions
    Leads to little or no visible scars 
    Nearly zero chance of nerve harm 
    No need for anesthesia or reconstructive surgeries 
    Fast recovery with zero downtime following treatment