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5 Tips to Prevent Bruising When Having Cosmetic Injectable Treatments

Depending on genetics, lifestyle, and the aging process, whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond, facial lines and wrinkles can make you feel older than your biological age. Years of laughing, squinting, and furrowing your brow can become etched-in expression lines. Volume loss in your skin structure leads to sagging skin and can leave you feeling less self-assured about your appearance.


Cosmetic injectables are an easy way to get fast results without surgical procedures and they help boost your self-confidence. Dermal fillers and Botox® injections are minimally invasive, in-office treatments, but they may cause temporary bruising and swelling. 


Here at Specialists in Dermatology in Tucson, Arizona, our expert dermatology team offers these five tips to help you make the most of your cosmetic injectable treatments and help prevent bruising and swelling. 

1. No alcohol before and immediately after cosmetic injectables

Alcohol increases blood flow throughout your body because it temporarily relaxes and expands your blood vessels. When blood vessels just below the surface of your skin break and blood leaks out, it causes the purplish-blue color of a bruise. 


Just a couple of glasses of wine the night before or the same day you receive cosmetic injectables can make you more susceptible to visible bruising at the injection sites. To minimize bruising, it’s best to avoid imbibing your favorite adult beverage for a day before and after your appointment. 

2. Ice is your friend

Keeping your head higher than your heart for a couple of days and applying ice to the injection sites help reduce swelling and minimize any bleeding. Ice helps constrict blood vessels and reduces the appearance of bruising. It’s a good idea to sleep with your head propped up on pillows for the first couple of nights after dermal fillers to minimize swelling. 

3. Avoid strenuous exercise

While there’s little to no downtime after you receive your cosmetic injectables, we recommend avoiding vigorous activities, like workouts or heavy lifting, that increase your body’s blood flow, heart rate, and blood pressure. Physical exertion may exacerbate broken blood vessels at the site of your injections so bruises appear more visible. Right after you receive cosmetic injectables, it’s better to participate in low-impact exercises, such as yoga, walking, or swimming. 

4. Inform us about medications and supplements you take

As you might’ve guessed, blood thinning medications aren’t conducive to Botox and dermal filler injections when it comes to preventing bruising. Anticoagulants like Warfarin and Heparin keep your blood from clotting, so if you take them, let us know when you schedule your appointment so we can advise you of the best way to proceed. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), including aspirin, Advil®, and Motrin®, may also inhibit your body’s natural ability to clot when and where it’s needed, which can increase the appearance of bruises from broken blood vessels. 


Additionally, you may think natural supplements are inconsequential when it comes to cosmetic injections, but there are some supplements that may actually increase your risk of bleeding and bruising, including: 



Let us know about supplements you regularly take so we can recommend if and when you need to stop taking them before your appointment. 

5. Aftercare can make a big difference

While it’s important to avoid taking blood thinners and supplements that increase your risk of bleeding and bruising, there are some supplements that actually support healing after Botox and dermal filler injections. These include antioxidants like vitamin C, and arnica and bromelain supplements. Bromelain is a pineapple enzyme and arnica comes from the flower of a plant. Both may help reduce pain, swelling, and bruising. 


We understand that you want to make the most of your dermal filler and Botox injections, which is why our knowledgeable dermatology team advises you regarding the best steps to take before and after your appointment so you can enjoy your new, younger-looking appearance.

For additional questions, or to schedule a consultation for cosmetic injections, call the Tucson office location closest to you today, or send us a message online anytime.

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