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Cool Sculpting: How Does it Work?

Sometimes your body fat can be stubborn — no matter how many trips to the gym you take or how many crunches you do, that last bit of fat just won’t go away. When it feels like you’ve exhausted all of your options, another one pops up and challenges the rules of science. Harvard scientists have developed a new way to lose that last bit of fat, and it’s called Cool Sculpting.

What is Cool Sculpting?
Cool Sculpting is an FDA-cleared system for removing the stubborn fat from your body without invasive treatments or harmful lasers. Cool Sculpting is best for people who have those extra pounds that they can’t lose, such as their love-handles or midsection areas. It works by freezing the fat cells out of your body, and as the fat cells are frozen, they soon leave your body and leave you weighing less and feeling better.

How much Can You Expect to Lose?
Typical patients can expect to see about a 25% reduction in their body fat about 2 to 4 months after starting their procedure. Even though you can visually see some changes after the first treatment, you should allow several weeks to see optimum results.

What are the Treatments Like?
Treatments are roughly an hour long. They can be done on your lunchtime or after work, and aren’t invasive at all. Results can be seen after one hour, and after a couple months of treatments, your body will see full results after your fat cells have been shed from your body.
The treatments do have some associated pain, such as a prolonged numbness, redness, and swelling. When you’re done with your treatment, you can immediately head back to work or home and continue on with what you were doing. Your doctor may be able to explain more how the procedure will work for you.

How Much Does it Cost?
The cost of Cool Sculpting varies by city and doctor, but the average price leans toward $1,500. Many providers may offer payment plans, so be sure to ask ahead of time.

If you still aren’t sure if Cool Sculpting is for you, talk to your doctor. Similarly, Specialists in Dermatology in Tucson also offers these procedures and can help you with any skin or tightening problems.

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