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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Fillers

HA Products

Intrinsic and extrinsic factors influence our aging process. The speed and extent of our aging varies with individual genetics and also can be influenced by factors such as smoking, alcohol abuse, chronic sun exposure, stress, chemical exposure, and rheumatologic disease.   

When properly performed by a skilled practitioner, rejuvenation with dermal fillers is simple, with a high patient satisfaction, and low rate of complications. 

In my practice, I like to use the dual plane technique. Deeper plane will be injected with high G filler and superficial plane will be injected with moderate to low G filler. The best filler results can be achieved with two visits, deeper injection first to act as "pillars" to create a lift, then the second injection visit in about 4 weeks using superficial injection to build the "bridges" to reconnect the pillars to create a smoother appearance. 

Again, not all fillers are created equal, in experienced hands; the best approach is patient-oriented, based on patient's anatomical structure and their individual needs rather the brand name or the cost of the fillers.               


Collagen and Elastin: 

Hyaluronic Acid as dermal filler: 

How to pick a HA filler:

Three popular HA filler brands:

  1. Restylane family
  2. Juvederm family
  3. Revaness Versa (Newest)

Picking the right filler for you depends on:

  1. Where the filler is being injected
  2. What type of improvements you are wanting 

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