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Living in Arizona: Tips for Preventing Skin Cancer

With the sun blaring down throughout the year, Arizona residents are exposed to potentially dangerous UV rays on a daily basis. If you live in the Grand Canyon State, use the following tips to prevent skin cancer while out in the sun.

Take Advantage of the Shade

Whenever you are outside, try to gravitate toward shaded areas that give you a little bit of extra protection from the sun. Trees, awnings, and buildings offer an additional barrier against direct sunlight that could increase your risk for skin cancer. If you are spending the day at the pool, you might want to bring an umbrella that can keep you protected from the sun while you enjoy the warm temperatures.

Wear Protective Clothing

If you know that you will be spending a long amount of time in the sun, you should dress accordingly. Shirts, pants, and skirts that keep your arms and legs covered are always a smart option. A hat keeps the sun off of your face and the top of your head. Every Arizona resident should own a pair of sunglasses that protect the eyes.

Use the Right Sunscreen

You should also apply sunscreen before you leave the house. Make sure that any product you buy has an SPF of 15 or higher. Quality sunscreen offers protection from both UVA and UVB rays to give you the best barrier of defense against the sun. Even if you are spending a lot of time outside on a cloudy day, you should still apply the sunscreen.

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