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Obagi Products

Obagi is one of our top selling product lines. Obagi has systems that help hyperpigmentation, sun damage, rosacea and even acne. All the Obagi lines give amazing results.

*The C RX System is for sensitive and sun damaged skin. It is brightening. This system combines prescription strength hydroquinone with vitamin C.

*The Clenziderm System is for acne. This acne system has salicylic acid and a 5% solution of benzoyl peroxide which penetrates deep into the hair follicle to kill the acne causing bacteria.

*The Decolletage System is designed to reduce hyperpigmentation, age spots and appearance of fine lines on your chest and neck.

*The Elastiderm Eye Cream is amazing. In just 9 weeks it will restore elasticity and reduce visible fine lines around the eyes.

*The Rosaclear System is a new system designed for patients with rosacea. The system includes calming agents Includes calming agents such as licorice, aloe, lavender and sea whip. The system recommends it be used with metrogel. We are only selling the gentle cleanser, a hydrating complex to moisturize the skin and a skin balancing sunscreen to reduce the appearance of redness and blotchiness.

*Obagi also offers C Serums for use around the eyes and face. These products give the skin firmness and a healthy glow and range from 5% to 20% in concentration.

*The Obagi Nu Derm System has prescription strength ingredients that penetrate to a deep cellular level, whereas most products work only on the surface of the skin. Clinically tested and FDA approved Obagi Nu Derm combine, tretinoin and hydroquinone for better results. Using the Nu Derm System is twice as effective as using either tretinoin or hydroquinone alone. In just 12 weeks you can have radiant, brighter skin, fewer freckles and brown spots. It’s a complete transformation process that has your skin looking younger and healthier.

The Obagi skin care line is our product of the month. Schedule a consultation with our Skin Care Department to find out which Obagi skin care line is best for you.

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