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Signs and Symptoms Your Skin Is Dehydrated

Water is essential for every area of the body. If you are not properly hydrating yourself, it will be evident on your skin. Look for the following signs and symptoms to figure out when you need to increase your daily water intake and visit the dermatologist so you can get beautiful, clearer skin..


Healthy skin seems to have an inherent glow that comes from within. If you notice that your skin looks dull and lifeless, dehydration could be the culprit. Talk to your dermatologist about moisturizing products that can help rejuvenate your skin and allow you to regain your glow.


When skin is dehydrated, it does not move as easily as it once did. Try to gently pull a piece of skin and see whether or not it returns to its original shape easily. If it does not, it is probably dehydrated and in need of a moisture intervention. Dehydrated skin might also look more wrinkled than it normally does.


When skin is excessively dry, it might start to visibly flake. This could cause itchiness or even a burning sensation. Instead of feeling smooth to the touch, dehydrated skin is rough and might even feel raw. As soon as you see signs of dehydration, you should make an appointment with your dermatologist to start replenishing moisture and improving the look and feel of your skin.

At Specialists in Dermatology, we offer services that help you treat everything from dehydrated skin to acne. Our general and cosmetic dermatology services are designed to target each patient’s problem areas and find their ideal solution. Our Tucson office is here to help you solve all of your skin issues so you feel better about your appearance. To learn more about our services or to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, visit us online or call our office.

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