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Summer’s Coming Up: Protect Your Skin!

Spending hours outdoors in the hot Arizona sun can be extremely enjoyable, but also potential harmful and damaging to your body’s skin. Knowing how to protect your skin as summer approaches is a way to drastically reduce your chances of developing potential skin diseases or even skin cancer itself.

Sunscreen is a Necessity

Regardless of whether you are planning to spend a day on the beach or if you work outdoors, wearing sunscreen is always a necessity if you want to be proactive about your skincare and your health. Find a sunscreen that is at least 15 to 20 SPF and that is also waterproof for best results. Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day every couple of hours is also highly advisable to keep your skin hydrated and protected from harmful UV rays.

Maintain Hydration

Drinking plenty of water is one way to ensure your skin is staying moisturized and hydrated, regardless of whether your skin is being exposed to the outdoor weather. Maintaining hydration helps to keep the skin healthier altogether.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Exfoliating your skin that is most exposed to the sun and outdoor weather frequently is also highly recommended when you want to protect it throughout the summer months. Incorporate an exfoliating method into your daily skincare routine to help with reducing the size of your pores while also keeping excess dirt and oils from your skin through the hotter months of the year.

Use Soothing Products for Sunburned Skin

Any time you are suffering from a sunburn, it’s important to use soothing products and cooling gel to act as a remedy for the burning skin. Gels made from Aloe-Vera are also highly recommended to help with getting an instant cooling relief any time your skin has been overexposed to the sun.

Learning more about how to protect your skin throughout the warm summer months is a way for you to ensure you are keeping yourself as safe as possible when exposed to harmful rays. The more proactive you are with your skincare throughout your life starting as young as possible, the less likely you are to suffer from a skin-related cancer or illness.

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